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dr_willis: I used apt-get and got a ton of dependency errors SuperLag: the automatic tool for windows installs isnt always the best, try find a manual one first? dpkg: error processing package foo (--configure): i have an issue, i'm trying to get a dynex modem, which has a USB port, to work, the lsusb command shows the modem, but running modemsmanager it says "it cannot find a modem found" any ideas how to fix this? talcite, this is all dpkg error messages? Does ubuntu have any internal syslog facility? I get a large number of these messages over time: "suspend/resume complete". This is actually a fatal error but they don't seem to be logged. talcite: that's ok, but the install-info (or similar) cannot be installed, since it is dependent on tzdata. Sorry. No, I get something like: dpkg: error processing package bar (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2 quidnunc, I don't think it's done automatically, but you could tail syslog. I think, not sure talcite, thats quite enough SuperLag: see: quidnunc, if you do want to see those errors, you can do so with 'grep -i'suspend/resume complete' /var/log/syslog' anyone know how to get usb modems working? lordcirth: This is an internal system. I can't get access to the syslog talcite, you must not put sudo in front of dpkg quidnunc, oh ok. Sorry, I just read "internal system". I don't know how to change what you can access




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